Comfy bedding = great sleep! }, A Bedroom Refresh According to Your Zodiac Sign. }, ", Consult our Comforter Buying Guide to learn how to choose the best one to fit your needs. "show_me_text": "Do not show me again" "blog_excerpt": "Your store hasn’t published any blog posts yet. "title_tags": "Filtrer", Also search for the wedding website of engaged family and friends to learn more about their special day. Amazon offers a ginormous variety of bedding. "cookies_required": "Enable cookies to use the shopping cart", } "cookies_required": "Activer les cookies pour utiliser le panier", "date_formats": { "customer": { "wishlist_cart_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté au panier", Free shipping on orders $35+ & free returns. }, "no_content": "Cette section ne contient actuellement aucun contenu. "options": "Les options", "password_page": { "ok" : "Ok" "price": "Prix", }, "compare_success_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté à la boîte de comparaison réussie", Shop Bed Bath & Beyond for bedding, bath towels, kitchen electrics, cookware, cutlery, coffee makers & K-Cup Packs, window treatments, storage items, gifts and much more! "wishlist_box": "Wishlist", "show_me_text": "Ne me montre plus" amazon.com , amazon.com ", } "signup_form_success": "Nous vous ferons parvenir un courriel juste avant l'ouverture! Toys”R”Us is the leading kids store for all toys, video games, dolls, action figures, learning games, building blocks and more. "password": "Mot de passe", "load_more": "Charger plus", "other": "[[ count ]] résultats pour \"[[ terms ]]\"" "previous_slide": "Previous slide", Shop for duvet covers, sheets, comforters, shams, down pillows and more. ", Its not too soft and not too firm, but just right. "details": "Account Details", "vendor": "Vendor", Our premium bedding lets you express your personal style at home. }, "one": "[[ count ]] result for \"[[ terms ]]\"", }, ", "top_header_login": "Login", Discover the latest styles in bedding, fragrances, tableware, rugs, lamps, duvet covers, towels and home accessories from the new Zara Home collection. "price_descending": "Price, high to low", "newsletter_email": "Join our mailing list", }, {"en":"Top Fashion Brands", "fr":"Top marques de mode"}, {"en":"Trusted by the world's best","fr":"Fait confiance aux meilleurs"}, { "fulfilled_at": "Fulfilled [[ date ]]", "desc": "La création d'un compte est simple. "telephone": "Téléphone", "register": { "email_placeholder": "Email address", Explore comforters, sheets, duvet covers & quilts from our high quality bedding collection. }, "print": "Print this gift card", Shop a range of sizes, prints, colors, and materials: flannel, organic cotton, and more. "product": "Product", "item": { "en":{ "submit": "Réinitialiser le mot de passe", "remove": "Remove", Get the sleep you've always dreamed of. }, "required": "Required" "subtotal": "Sous-total" We're your online bed and bath store for a great collection of bed sets and bath products at prices you'll love. }, "green": "Green", "email": "Email", "startPosition": 0, 100% Biodegradable, Minimal Dust, Easy to Use, Good for the Earth. "quick_view_details": "View details", For more than a century we've crafted our signature comforters in La Crosse, Wisconsin, using the finest materials and revered techniques. "no_matches": "Sorry, there are no products in this collection", }, "remove": "Remove Item" }, "collections": { You can use both of these for an unlimited amount of time. "next": "Next", "last_name": "Last Name", "cancel": "Annuler", "created_ascending": "Date, old to new" {"shop": {"id": 1270, "name": "Bedsure"}, "theme_color": "#00708BFF", "secondary_text_color": "#606f7b", "questions_and_answers_active": false, "buttons_color": "#dae1e7", "theme_transparent_color": "initial", "navbar_text_color": "#ffffff", "fonts": {"form_post_font_size": "2.25rem", "paginator_font_size": "1.125rem", "form_input_font_size": "1.125rem", "star_summary_overall_score_font_size": "2.25rem", "reviews_card_secondary_font_size": "1rem", "navbar_reviews_title_font_size": "1.25rem", "reviews_card_main_font_size": "1.125rem", "navbar_buttons_font_size": "1.125rem", "image_gallery_title_font_size": "1.875rem", "star_summary_reviewsnum_font_size": "1.5rem", "star_summary_progress_bars_font_size": "1.125rem", "qna_title_font_size": "1.5rem", "form_headings_font_size": "0.875rem"}, "stars_color": "#FFC617", "text_color": "#3d4852", "preferred_language": "en", "number_review_columns": 5, "main_font": "Roboto", "number_reviews_per_page": 10, "confirm_review_by_email": false, "background_color": "#ffffff00"}, { } "animateOut": "fadeOut", "navigation": { "quantity": "Quantité", Calvin Klein offers modern, sophisticated styles for women and men including apparel, handbags, footwear, underwear, fragrance and home furnishings with free shipping available. "product_title": "Le nom de votre produit", "delete": "Supprimer", "title": "Réinitialiser votre mot de passe", "mobile_account_tab": "Account", "play_video": "Play video", "first_name": "First Name", "reset_password": { } "signup_form_success": "We will send you an email right before we open! Give the gift of the personal touch. "country": "Country", }, Remplissez le formulaire ci-dessous." "expired": "Expirée le [[ expiry ]]", "sidebar_btn": "Filter by" "home": "Accueil", "sidebar_btn": "Filtrer par" }, Visit our site to select from from our timeless designer collections. "wishlist_box": "Liste de souhaits", "title": "Sort by", "newsletter_form": { Join Prime to save $9.20 on this item. "wislist_no_items": "There is no items in wishlist", "share_on_pinterest": "Épingler sur Pinterest" "sale_left_text": "[[ sales ]] SOLD. "redeem_html": "Use this code at checkout to redeem your [[ value ]] gift card", "other": "[[ count ]] commentaires" Not only are the duvet cover, sheet sets, pillowcases and other essentials made of 100% cotton, they also feature playful patterns and colors—turning your little one's nursery or bedroom into a whimsical oasis they'll love. "title": "Panier", "processing": "Processing...", }, We also offer Bridal & Gift Registry for your big event. "title": "Create Account", Our comforters and most of our sheets and bedding feature exclusive designs you'll enjoy through every season. "login_form_password_label": "Password", The best bedding of 2019: Xtreme Comfort pillow (Photo: Jackson Ruckar/Reviewed) The Xtreme Comforts pillow, despite its ominously overzealous name, is … "manual": "Featured", }, "share_on_facebook": "Share on Facebook", Looking for bridal websites to help with all aspects of the big day, from invites to flowers to favors? "submit": "Recherche", "password": "Mot de passe", Email an expert at info@bedsurehome.com "customer": { "quantity": "Quantity", "addresses": "Adresses" "show_less": "Show Less" "cancel": "Cancel", In stock on December 10, 2020. "remove": "Retirer", "logout": "Se déconnecter", Latest Bedding 6 Gardengate Courts Columbus, New Jersey, USA, 08022 Keep in Touch Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. Bedding. }, "continue_shopping": "Continue shopping", "list_page": { "shipping": "Livraison", 39. Our Difference Our customers have seen the Liz and Roo difference. "list": "List" "toggle": "expand\/collapse", "no_results_html": "Your search for \"[[ terms ]]\" did not yield any results. "title": "Your Addresses", "wishlist_exist_msg": "[[ product_title ]] existe dans la liste de souhaits", "header": { "mobile_settings_tab": "Paramètres" ", }, "email": "Email", }, "product": { "purple": "Purple", Shop unique bohemian bedding, textured and feminine styles. "address_no_results": "Aucun résultat pour cette adresse" "deal_minutes": "Minutes", Find the bedding of your dreams at Anthropologie. "fulfilled_at": "Traitée le [[ date ]]", "first_name": "Prénom", "no_content": "This section doesn’t currently include any content. Mon - Fri: 8am-10pm ET We use durable zippers that zip smoothly! "submit": "Activate Account", "required": "Requis" }, "default": "Default", Shop QE Home l Quilts Etc for luxury bedding & linens -- duvet covers, bamboo sheets, bed sheet sets, bedding sets, kids bedding, duvets, down duvets, silk duvets, memory foam pillows, coverlets, quilt sets, comforters, bed spreads, weighted blankets. "skip_to_content": "Skip to content", "field": { Bedding Collections. or call us at 1-855-888-9966. "date": "Date", "password": "Mot de passe", "here": "here", }, "disabled": "Désactivée", "opening_soon": "Bientôt ouvert", "placeholder": "Recherche", "toggle": "développer\/réduire", "shipping_address": "Adresse de livraison", Shop bedding sets and comforter sets featuring bedding in prints we love. Nous vous reviendrons le plus rapidement possible. "on_sale": "Solde", "all_tags": "All products", }, Crane & Canopy is an online bedding company conceived to deliver high quality, designer bedding and duvet covers at an innovative price point, starting at $89. ", "share_on_facebook": "Partager", "pink": "Pink", "success": "Votre commentaire a été publié avec succès! Open a Walmart Credit Card to Save Even More! "continue_shopping": "Continuer vos achats", "mobile_settings_tab": "Settings" "email": "Email", "message": "Message", }, "billing_address": "Adresse de facturation", ", "submit": "Envoyer", "pagination": { "black": "Noir", "cancelled": "Order Cancelled on [[ date ]]", Shop for Furniture, Bedding, Jewelry, Clothing & Shoes, Electronics & much more. "one": "[[ count ]] product", "password_link": "Enter using password", "required": "Required", "sku": "SKU", "collapse": "collapse", }, "size_chart": "Size Chart", Add content to this section using the sidebar." "nav": true, "powered_by_shopify_html": "Cette boutique sera propulsée par [[ shopify ]]" "share_on_pinterest": "Épingler", "created_descending": "Date, new to old", The best bedding of 2019: Xtreme Comfort pillow (Photo: Jackson Ruckar/Reviewed) The Xtreme Comforts pillow, despite its ominously overzealous name, is … "add_to_cart": "Ajouter au panier", "slideshow": { "field": { Make-believe rules! "title": "Cart", "product_title": "Your product's name", "sku": "SKU", "open_light_gallery": "Click here to open gallery images" "signup_form_email_label": "Courriel", ", "next_slide": "Diapositive suivante", } "results_with_count": { "contact": { "product_description": "This area is used to describe your product’s details. You will receive an email shortly at: Here at Walmart.com, we are committed to protecting your privacy. "general": { Create one here", 79 likes. "title": "Order [[ name ]]", "wishlist_remove_msg": "[[ product_title ]] has been removed from wishlist", "cart": { "reset_password": { "size_chart": "Tableau des tailles", You can choose from 100+ brand-spanking-new, professionally-designed Wedding Website templates and matching invitations. "sorting": { "title": "Your cart", "required": "Requis", "subtotal": "Subtotal", "print": "Imprimer ce bon d'achat", "reviews": "Reviews", Our quilts, coverlets, blankets, and throws are cozy year-round. }, Discover the BEST wedding shopping websites for brides! "name": "Name", "post": "Publier le commentaire", "close": "Fermer (esc)" "accessibility": { "previous": "Previous", "hot_line": "Hot line" "responsive": { "items_with_count": { }, "upsell_cart_qty": "[[ count ]] item(s)", "social_platform": "[[ name ]] on [[ platform ]]" "total_item": "Total de l'élément", Amazon also offers bedding sets for kids and babies. } Looking for a down or down-alternative comforter? "other": "items" "activate_account": { ", Let Overstock.com help you discover designer brands & home goods at the lowest prices online. "add_to_wishlist": "Add to Wishlist", "items":2, "share_on_twitter": "Tweeter", Relax and restore—our bedding collection includes everything you need to create a lush retreat in your bedroom. "close_modal": "Fermer (Esc)" "current_page": "Page [[ current ]] sur [[ total ]]" "register_dropdown": "No account? Sign up for marketing emails and find out when we’re launching new products. 30 Days Free Return. From sheets and throw blankets to comforters and duvet sets, these are the absolute best places to buy all types of bedding online. }, "product": "Produit", "collapse": "fermer", "phone": "Téléphone", Complimentary ground shipping and returns on all orders in the U.S. "wishlist_success_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté à la liste de souhaits réussie", "sections": { "password_confirm": "Confirm Password", "cancelled_reason": "Motif: [[ reason ]]", "password_confirm": "Confirmer le mot de passe" Urban Outfitters also carries everything you need to decorate your small space, apartment or dorm, with a UO Home collection that includes bedding, tapestries, rugs, shower curtains and furniture. Our vast assortment of solid colors and exclusive prints changes seasonally so you can match your decor or bring a festive update to your room. USA.gov can help you start your search for government information by topic and agency. }, "details": "Détails", Vous pouvez regarder le blog d'e-commerce de Shopify pour trouver de l'inspiration et des conseils pour votre propre magasin et blog. "expand": "expand", Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Your Wedding Website also integrates with your Guest List and Registry so that you can manage everything from a single place. Free Shipping On Orders $49+ Free Returns 1000+ New Arrivals Dropped Daily "edit": "Edit", "slideshow": { }, "form": { "items": 1, "wishlist_cart_msg": "[[ product_title ]] has been added to shopping cart", "all_tags": "Tous les produits", "top_header_register": "Register", "cancel": "Annuler", "back_to_blog": "Back to [[ title ]]" "add_to_review": "Ajouter à la critique", Bedtime calling? "comments_with_count": { A blog can be used to talk about new product launches, tips, or other news you want to share with your customers. "payment_status": "Statut du paiement", "deal_second": "Seconds", A duvet cover can transform your bedroom decor in minutes. "disabled": "Disabled", "details": "Details", "breadcrumbs": { "features": "Les traits", "results_with_count": { "top_btn": "Haut" "share_on_pinterest": "Pin on Pinterest" "moderated": "Veuillez noter que les commentaires doivent être approvés avant d'être affichés", }, Remember that we are here to help if you have any questions regarding the pieces in the set that you have chosen or would like to receive a fabric swatch please contact us by phone or email. }, "categories": "categories", "blog_author": "Author name", "add_to_apple_wallet": "Ajouter à Apple Wallet" "items_count_label" : "[[ count ]] article(s) dans votre panier", ", "date": "Placed on [[ date ]]", Comfort your child even if the boogeyman is around with baby and kids' bedding. We offer quick ship and gift wrapping. "title": "404 Page Not Found", We also specialize in custom bedding so if you are looking for something that we do not have listed on our website - we can make it! "first_review": "Be the first review", }, "expired": "Expired on [[ expiry ]]", "telephone": "Telephone", Something for everyone on your list. "login_form_password_label": "Mot de passe", Baby and Kids Bedding for Your Little Ones. It’s never too early to decorate! }, "autoplaySpeed": true , "submit": "Submit", "create_account": "Create account", "640": { "items": 3}, "share_on_twitter": "Partager sur Twitter", "add_to_apple_wallet": "Add to Apple Wallet" "submit": "Create", "share_on_google": "Share on Google+", "create_account": "Créer un compte", "read_more": "Read more", If you're unsure of where to start—trust us, there are a lot of options!—you can even consult Serena & Lily's complimentary design advice service. }, The products in this post were updated in November 2018. "created_descending": "Date: récent à ancien", "date": "Date", See for yourself why shoppers love our selection & award-winning customer service. Let Overstock.com help you discover designer brands & home goods at the lowest prices online. For the nursery, shop toddler bedding, basinet bedding, cradle bedding, crib bedding, and playard bedding. "remove": "Retirer l'objet" }, "recently_added_item": "Article (s) récemment ajouté (s)", } }, "clear": "Vider le panier", "blue": "Bleu", "tags": "Tagged \"[[ tags ]]\"", "note": "Ajouter une note à votre commande", "password": "Password", } }, } "by_author": "par [[ author ]]", "share_on_facebook": "Share", "back_to_collection": "Back to [[ title ]]", Choose sheets in cool, 100% cotton percale, soft jersey, eco-friendly organic cotton, warm and snuggly flannel, breathable linen, bamboo, or silky sateen. "price_ascending": "Price, low to high", Use WeddingWire's Registry Finder to easily search for a couples' wedding registry. "empty": "Your cart is currently empty. Aubiose Horse Bedding USA. "world_wide_delivery": "Livraison à l'échelle mondiale", "submit": "Reset Password" "select_option": "Sélectionner une option", "fr":{ "title_html": "Votre carte-cadeau [[ shop ]] d'une valeur de [[ value ]]! "form": { "reviews": "Avis", "product": { "addresses": { Insider Picks Buying GuidesThe best Sherpa throw blanket. "upsell_product_page_title": "Vous aimerez peut-être aussi ces produits", $18.69 - $45.99 #19. "sold_out": "Sold out", "share_on_facebook": "Share on Facebook", "email": "Courriel", "nav": true , Shop our softest, organic and luxury bedding in twin, full and king sizes. Give the gift of comfort. "search": "Search", "product_item": { "view_all": "Voir toutes", }, "first_name": "Prénom", Our fashionable bedding is quilted with high quality fabrics. "opening_soon": "Opening Soon", "all_collection": "Toutes les collections", "submit": "S'inscrire", "deal_minutes": "Minutes", "compare_cart_msg": "[[ product_title ]] a ajouté à la liste de souhaits réussie", "shipping_text": "Livraison gratuite au Royaume-Uni sur des commandes de plus de 100 £", "close_video": "Close video" } "onboarding": { "title": "Trier par", "current_page": "Page [[ current ]] of [[ total ]]" 3. "link": "Continue shopping" "update": "Update", "upsell_block_title": "Souvent acheté avec \"[[ product_title ]]\"", "delete_confirm": "Are you sure you wish to delete this address?" Authenticity50 luxury bedding, pillows and duvets are 100% made in the USA from seed-to-stitch®. We love these Company Storestaples and know you will too. }, "mobile_menu_tab": "Menu", "accessibility": { "post": "Post comment", } }, }, }, We use durable zippers that zip smoothly! "breadcrumbs": { "general": { "close_video": "Fermer la vidéo" "guest_title": "Continue as a guest", "recover_password": { "gift_cards": { "login": { "guest_continue": "Continuer" "meta": { "price": "Price", } "title": "My Account", You can also find bedding sets with comforters, bedding sets for baby/toddler/ boys or even bedding sets for sale/discount, Bedsure is sure to have what your bed needs. Continental Bedding brings four generations of sleep experience to the bedroom. "blog_excerpt": "Votre magasin n'a encore rien bloggué. "social": { "delete_confirm": "Êtes-vous certain(e) de vouloir supprimer cette adresse?" "minute_ago": "minutes ago" "fulfillment_status": "Statut du traitement de la commande", "show_more": "Voir plus", Shop Garnet Hill for delightful designs in clothing, bedding and home decor. 75 locations across Canada. }, "title": "404 - Page non trouvée", "details": "Détails du compte", "empty_continue_html": "Cliquer ici pour poursuivre vos achats. ", "items_count": { Our free Wedding Websites also make it so simple to keep guests in the know and RSVP in a click. "all_topics": "Tous les sujets", "add_new": "Add a New Address", "name": "Nom", We will publish it in a little while, as our blog is moderated. "all_collection": "All Collections", Spa-like luxury at home. "remove_item": "Enlever cet article", "features": "Features", }, "social_platform": "[[ name ]] sur [[ platform ]]" "message": "Message", Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 2 Piece Set – Ultra Soft Double Brushed Microfiber Hotel Collection – Comforter Cover with Button Closure and 1 Pillow Sham, Black - Twin (Single) 68"x90" 4.4 out of 5 stars 35,270. ","fr":"Soyez le premier à connaître les dernières offres, les mises à jour de style et plus! Features: Appy Couple has always stood out as the wedding website with the most interactive features and best designs, and recent updates have made their websites and apps even better.Their wedding website includes: "compare_no_items": "There is no items in comparing box", Preview their bedding options and the answer will be clear.

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